Life in Snap Shots.

Photos from my life. Starting from the top left, read it like a book.
❶ I'm in love with this man.
❷ Yoga, yoga, EVERYDAY - even when the pain is just TOO much - get on your mat and do 5 minutes worth of deep stretching. Use blankets, pillows, whatever you need to feel comfortable.
❸ My beautiful sister holding her daughter Allison.
❺ Beautiful day out at the lake.
❻ Packaging for orders! I am one blessed lady being able to work from home and create beautiful things to send out into the world! So thankful.
❼ From where I stand.
❽ Down dog is my go to pose to alleviate stress. When I get anxious or really stressed, I just fold forward, step back, and press my heals down. Hold for 5 deep inhales and exhales and then release.
❾ Me and the beautiful bride!
❿ Reunited with my lovely Lacey! She is my other half living in another city!
⓫ A photo of my sweet grandfather. He passed away not too long ago. What a great man he was.
⓬ Reverse warrior on a bridge. Whenever you lack confidence, or are losing hope, or maybe just have the blues - PRACTICE the warriors. They are called "warrior poses" for a reason. They help make you strong, confident, and joyful.
⓭ I really do love him so much.
⓮ Practice even when you ache.
⓯ My boyfriend bustin' a side crow.

Sending light & love to you,


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